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The Value of a Ruby

If you don’t know your price, people will put a cheap price tag on you. There’s a quote that goes like this – “You attract

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Game Over

By: Prophetess Natisha E. Wilson I don’t care how many times you played the game.  One thing is for certain and two is for sure;

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Seize your destiny!

We have to seize every opportunity and boldly choose to exist and matter in this dispensation of grace. Let’s courageously live and embrace every moment

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Your Destiny

Your destiny is very fundamental and essential to who you are. It difines what you do and where you are going in your life. Let’s

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Fiercely Motivated & Destined

Motivation is our heartbeat (pulse) and it works amazingly well with destiny and being fiercely strong! Motivation is a motivating force, stimulus, or influence, incentive,

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