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Quitting is NEVER an option!

By: Trenesha Boyd
MA, CADC, CEO, Counselor, Mentor, Advocate

 I refuse to give up in life because I believe that my next move, might be my best move.  I have experienced some of life’s greatest challenges that might have broke the next person but as for me; I refused to give up.   I suffered great consequences yet I was able to bear them through God’s amazing grace and mercy.  When I wanted to quit, I continued to push myself and I was grateful to God for the support team that He had blessed me with.  They might not have been given the faith that I had to not only trust the process but God as well.  They did know that no matter what things might have looked like in the physical, I was not going to quit or stop fighting.  


     I can remember when I got myself into some trouble and went to jail, I was offered 10 years and it was basically my first arrest.  I could have given in and quit fighting for what I believed in but I didn’t. I kept fighting for almost 2 years and although I did go to prison, I never regretted the fact that I did not give in to the system of plea bargains.  I knew that if God was for me, then who could be against me.   I knew that I had the faith of a mustard seed and quitting was not an option.  I now know that experience was all a part of my things working together for my good, it built my character to endure the many obstacles that I would have on my life’s journey.  It has allowed me to see that if I quit or give up, I will never get a chance to reap the rewards of my destiny!  


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