Meet Deborah Allen

Deborah Allen is a fierce, dynamic, and powerful woman of God. Deborah Allen currently serves as senior pastor of Lighthouse Apostolic Ministries of God Church for eighteen years.  Deborah Allen also holds the office of executive director of the nonprofit organization, L.A.M. Ministries Inc. She’s been ecstatically married to Bishop Glen Allen Sr. for the last twenty-one years. She is the mother of six children from five, eleven, eighteen, twenty, twenty-five, and thirty years of age.

Deborah Allen is an entrepreneur at heart. She has successfully owned, operated, and was the director of Little Lights Childcare and Learning Center. This facility had operated for ten years. Being propelled and shifted into a different area of the vision, Dehorah Allen was led to close the childcare center. This center closed a few years ago and she stepped into a revised and renewed vision. This woman is a woman of prayer, power, purpose, praise, and vision. Deborah Allen is a woman of godly wisdom. She is an exceptional speaker, teacher, and preacher.

She has a great call upon her life and is anointed of God. In her hands she possesses the gift of healing. The next stage of her vision has been unveiled and we present Deborah Allen.

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