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Be True and Authentic To Yourself!

Entrepreneurship is the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. Entrepreneurship in this season of time has continually been on the rise and popular. People really like the look and benefits of being their own boss. I’ve had over ten years of experience in this and have become extremely acquainted with the flow and risk of being an entrepreneur. Nevertheless, I truly know that uniqueness, originality and authenticity sells and is very attractive. No one can do you better than you. Why do you think being authentic is profitable? It’s profitable because we are living now in a very visual and connected world. We all have so many voices and images that we hear and see especially on social media. Because of this and all the exposure we have its hard to be true to you. If you are not conscious and careful you will mimic and copy what others do because it appears to be working. So many things are influencing us and it can make it hard to be you. Firstly as an entrepreneur you must know the vision for your business. You set the tone and standard for the business or businesses that you start up and operate. It’s critical that you be true to your dream and DNA or it will die. This is a time where you must know who you are and the vision you have for your business. This business of being an entrepreneur involves great risk and you have to be willing to take the risk in order to be successful. But you have to be wise and risk what you know and what works for you and not someone else. You must be authentic or it could cost you everything. There is no one else that is like you are, has your uniqueness and that defining quality is marketable and precious.

Do not steal, reinvent or run your business by someone else’s plan or vision. It will fail mainly because it will not speak to you. Also you will not have the know how to make it grow because it’s not you. You will be a counterfeit to your customers, clients, staff and self. Trust me that you also will not be able to be inspired by what is not truly you or yours. You will not have a clear plan, or path to breathe life into your business when you don’t see the total scope of where you are going and how you need to get there. Being fake kills your creativity and stops you from thriving. But staying on your course and being authentically you just grows. You will never run out of ideas or stop being innovative when you tap into your true self. Your business will flourish, and be prosperous. Not only that your company will be a place where things grow and manifest into the greatness of your dreams.

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