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The Value of a Ruby

If you don’t know your price, people will put a cheap price tag on you.

There’s a quote that goes like this – “You attract what you put out. Be mindful. – Alexandra Elle.

I chose to write this post because I used to be a low-value woman. Never thinking of myself as the rare, precious jewel that I am. But could only see myself as a rhinestone or a sparkler. Pretty, but cheap and of no value. For years it seemed as if I attracted the wrong kind of everything. Simply because I did not know who I was or what I was valued at. I gave, gave, gave. Loved, loved, loved. But never got back all that I had been giving. I got my heart broken a lot. But who could I blame? People only did to me what I allowed them to do.

Then one day I became feed up and everything changed. I had been crying out to God – “God why? Why am I going through this? Why are people treating me this way?” The Lord did not answer for me for many years. Then one day, He spoke. The still, quiet voice said, “It’s the color, cut, clarity and carat weight of a ruby that determines its value.” So, I researched what the value of a ruby was and my mind was blown. Rubies have a long and significant history. They are considered a very highly esteemed jewel. So much so that Burmese warriors believed rubies would protect them in Battle by embedding the stones in their skin because they believe the rubies would help them become invincible.

Now, I understood what God was saying to me. So, what is our color, cut, clarity and carat weight? It’s our character. Our character determines our worth. From that day forward, my character changed. My mindset shifted. I began to see and understand the combination of amazing qualities that enable me to live a life where I get the respect and admiration I deserve.

As a woman of worth, I now have the courage to be my own person and create my own vision of life regardless of what society says. I am confident in standing by my standards and am willing to walk away from anyone or anything that doesn’t respect them. People can no longer put a cheap price tag on me.

So, I say to all women who feel unvalued or don’t know there worth – Get to know you. Find your color, cut, clarity and carat weight. Part of understanding your worth is knowing that you deserve to be abundant in what you do. Believing that you are worthy, is the first step to taking charge of your future. If you don’t know your price, people will put a cheap price tag on you.

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