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Strength To Move Forward

Amazingly, our world is forever in motion and evolving. As leaders, entrepreneurs and dreamers we must be in constant movement as well. We must have renewed strength and  a mind to change with everything else around us. Strength to change also causes us to have the ability to change the world we inhabit. Strength helps our mind set and flow of how we see things. Strength to move forward is necessary because nothing remains the same.  We Must not allow fear to keep us stuck in patterns that do not work. Strength to move forward and evaluate where we are is a hard thing to do. It  gives us the ability to level up to the next level that we are going into.  Not only to level up but to explore the different options that are available to us is always good. Shift in the now moment which moves you to where you are destined to be.

Strength to move forward is needed in all our lives. Why, because we are next in line to cause  change in our world. Change is inevitable in each of our lives. Even more so now in this time of crisis is strength to change needed and necessary. A lot of us has been stuck in a mold or rut for a long time. Not being courageous hinders our growth and creativity. You have to move forward and release what is authentically you. Most assuredly we must all be in the mind as leaders, entrepreneurs, authors and people that it’s time to change and move forward. As a country and people we must have the faith to advance and move our lives to the next level. Even this pandemic can not stop the procession  of time or change. 

Strength to change gives us innovativeness. Innovativeness causes us to introduce original ideas which takes strength to do. This is the season we mush be bold, fierce and have strength to change and advance. Your greatest version of you is being birthed forth as we move forward. Strength is being unleashed in you and you are becoming a world changer.

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