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Fiercely Motivated & Destined

Motivation is our heartbeat (pulse) and it works amazingly well with destiny and being fiercely strong! Motivation is a motivating force, stimulus, or influence, incentive, drive. Motivation goes hand in hand with destiny and having the ability to be fierce. Destiny is a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency. Destiny is a mighty road map in each of our lives. Know that our lives are purposed! We have been designed and fashioned to walk out our existence. Our lives have made us and shaped us. The things we have lived and gone through is the process of destiny working. You are a mighty warrior that has been built to battle, live, grow and sustain. Because our lives are destined we have had to live through some trying times. Those times have made us fierce (strong), relentless and able to go through the very process of life. Destiny propels us forward and leads us down the correct and ordained paths of life. Destiny does not stop heartache or pain but it brings us through it. Destiny is even though life may have been hard, yet it has been purposed. See motivation is the drive inside you even that energy that bubbles up in you. Motivation and fierceness makes you achieve the impossible. Motivation makes you press against all odds. Being fierce makes you fight to live, survive and accomplish your dreams. This is the greatest moment to be alive. Both motivation and destiny has gotten us here. Motivation with destiny gives you the fire to propel forward into your life. What a beautiful time to pursue your visions.

I’m so excited to talk about this destined and phenomenal time that has come forth in each of our lives. We have walked out our destiny and it has given us strength. We have lived, lost, recovered, thrived, and grown and that has made us warriors. We all need to recognize that this season is divinely orchestrated, even planned by God. Everything that had gone on in our lives is relevant and necessary. We held on and fiercely kept the faith. Our footsteps had slowed at one time because the fight had been so intense and sometimes devastating. Nonetheless soldier you came through with the heart of a gladiator. Now motivation has quickened our steps. For we can clearly see that the goals for our lives are within reach. Because we survived it has birth anticipation within us. Now we have clearly come into the era that we must be motivated and keep moving. We are definitely destined/ordained and you have always been. I am so grateful that we have come through the process of time. We have fought and lived through some of the greatest battles of our lives. We must be forever grateful and appreciative of everything we have walked out. We’re so motivated because our tears may have dimmed our vision for a while but even that could not stop destiny. Through the process of being pressed, broken and being bruised that we’ve become who God created us to be. Destiny has manifested us into the people that we were created to be. What I love is that I finally recognize that everything I’ve been through it was for a purpose and that purpose was to shape me, make me, and mold me to be the person that God has called me to be. I recognize and it is an amazing moment to acknowledge the fact that my trials, tribulations, heart aches, disappointments, failures and disappointment have come to make me strong. They have created something in me, the ability to be fierce, hold on and even remain. I appreciate now all that I have lost but yet I am strong because of God. We all have come through the storms. We have been through the fire, burned, yet we remain. What’s more relevant we have survived. Not only did we survive but we conquered. Life has made us better not bitter. We are fiercely motivated and our feet are moving to the correct path. We all have learned from the past. We are wiser for the present and better for business.

One, two, three let’s go! We are fiercely motivated and destined to be great. Now is the time to build, grow and manifest your vision and every dream. Everything you are has brought you forth to get the job done. You have the push, grit and anointing and are built to last. You are a winner! Be motivated for we have come into the season of harvest in our lives. You are graced for this time of prosperity.

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