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Handling Love and Quarantine

Love looks different in quarantine!
By: Deborah Allen

Fierce Destiny Newsletter is designed for people with an entrepreneurial mindset. Our monthly newsletter will deal with a variety of topics that will interest business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, and people in ministry. This first one will explore the subject that people are always interested in, relationships. Surprisingly, quarantine has made us all look differently at our lives and romantic relationships. Handling love in quarantine takes adjustment and wisdom. Statistics say that about 40-50 percent of all marriages in United states will end in divorce are separation. Close quarters can magnify the problem in any relationship. Truly love looks different when you have been constantly shut up together for over a two month period. Being so close together reveals many things and enlightening to us all. As a leader I’m always amazed about how many questions that are requested about love and relationship. I’ve had over three decades of experience being married, two decades as a pastor, two decades as a ordained minister and now a certified life/relationship coach.

Being experienced and knowledgeable in relationships has been of a great benefit for me. As women it’s not always easy to handle entrepreneurship, marriage, ministry, and children. So many of us are fierce and independent and we find it difficult to connect with someone like minded. Many successful women find it hard to meet the man of their dreams. Both sexes find it difficult to find someone that love and support them. Sometimes our dreams are not rational. Some causes for divorce are:

      • Lack of commitment
      • Argue to much
      • Infidelity
      • Unrealistic Expectations
      • Lack of equality in the relationship

Experience and education is such an amazing tool/gift. A few useful tips when dealing with the secrets of love:

Dating should be a casual time together where two people get to know each other

If you are looking for marriage do not date someone who is not considering marriage

Have realistic expectations for no one person is able to meet your every need

Being intimate can confuse the true state of relationships and sex can cause you to be distracted from those important issues.

I have humbly served in ministry for last 20 years with my husband, Bishop Glen Allen. We’ve had the opportunity to develop, teach and counsel on “The secret of love”. There are many effective things to be done to prepare for or even strengthen your marriage. I’m available to coach about singleness or marriage. It’s necessary to invest and grow especially if you are seeking to have a successful marriage. Feel free to reach out so we can talk and be strategic about your relationship. You can reach me at:, or

BOSS ~ Deborah Allen

Deborah Allen is a fierce, dynamic, and powerful woman. She serves as Senior Pastor of Lighthouse Apostolic Ministries of God Church for 20 years. Deborah holds the office of Executive Director of the nonprofit, L.A.M. Ministries Inc. She has certification as an RMA/CDA, Certified Life Coach, and is a Millionaire Coach. She’s been ecstatically married to Bishop Glen Allen for the last 23 years. She’s the mother of 6 children. Prophetess Deborah Allen is an entrepreneur at heart. She has successfully owned, operated, and was the Director of Little Lights Childcare and Learning Center. This center closed a few years ago and she stepped into a revised vision. A woman of prayer, power, purpose, praise, and vision. Prophetess Deborah Allen is a woman of godly wisdom. She is an exceptional speaker, teacher, and preacher. The next stage of her vision has been unveiled and brought forth “Fierce”, Fierce TV, Fierce Radio, Deborah Allen Ministries, LAM International ~ Ladies Advocating Ministries International, Visionary Coaching & Consulting Group LLC, and finally “Fiercely Living ~ Devotional & Journal” which made Amazon Best Seller in January 2020. Deborah Allen is also a member of The BOSS Network, 2019 BOSS Influence and also 2019 BOSS Business Star. “When walking in purpose, fiercely walk in divine authority!”

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