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Fierce Is A Way of Life & A Movement!

In the spring of 2018, I wrote my very first book “Fierce”. Fierce has become a movement within itself for me and others! “Fierce” was a vision given during the greatest battle of my life. This book had been birthed by fire through my very existence. I wrote this book because I felt my life had been nothing but a mighty battle and full of struggle. It was written to encourage someone else. God allowed me to see that he created me to be fierce/strong.  I’m a warrior of his, built explicitly for battle. It has been predestined by God that his people would be born fierce! Our lives may have been painful but yet they are destined. From being a premature baby, molested as a child, teenage mother, suicidal, battered wife, divorcee, business owner, Pastor and it was destined for me. We are predestined by God for this fierce, royal battle called life. Understand that fierceness resides in us. People of God we are built strong and destined for greatness.

God has given me fierceness. Without it I would not have made it. I needed that fight and strength he placed inside of me. This strength allows us all to stay the course and endure. People of God, be courageous, strong and fierce. We are soldiers that can fight to the death! Discouragement is burned off by our fierceness. Endurance is an amazing tool that will preserve even keep you. Endure hardness as a good soldier. We have survived things that has killed other people. I look back and praise God that I survived. When I’ve been at my weakest point, God made me strong. God bridges my weakness and becomes my strength. I’m ferocious through God and our strength is a gift.

Others have fainted. However we are able to fight on. Fierceness gives you a backbone. You can stand your ground and be victorious. There is great strength that lies within us. Be strong and hold on to our unwavering faith like a bulldog. Your strength and faith is your life raft and it will keep you afloat. God brings us the victory in battle. Fiercely stand in God. We’re strong and destined to win. God has given us many tools to overcome like his spirit, fruit of the spirit, tenacity, fasting, prayer and the word of God.

Praise and worship is a weapon as well. Praise and worship does things for our spirit that nothing else does. They bring us into the very presence of God and give us release from our pain. Wield them both and defeat what’s fighting us.  They’re key factors that beat down discouragement in our lives. God is keeping us and we’re safe in his hands. In our lives fiercely advance, attack, fight, kick, claw, push, and kill every obstacle. Walk fiercely into destiny. Fiercely embrace and love the lives we have. Stand strong and remain fierce. The book ‘Fierce” became an movement, inspired and birthed Fierce TV, Fierce Radio, Deborah Allen Ministries, Visionary Coaching & Consulting Group LLC, and LAM International ~ Ladies Advocating Ministries International. Remember we must fiercely keep the movement & live!

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