Be True and Authentic To Yourself!

Entrepreneurship is the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. Entrepreneurship in this season of time has continually been on the rise and popular. People really like the look and benefits of being their own boss. I’ve had over ten years of experience in this […]

Fiercely Motivated & Destined

Motivation is our heartbeat (pulse) and it works amazingly well with destiny and being fiercely strong! Motivation is a motivating force, stimulus, or influence, incentive, drive. Motivation goes hand in hand with destiny and having the ability to be fierce. Destiny is a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or […]

Fierce Is A Way of Life & A Movement!

In the spring of 2018, I wrote my very first book “Fierce”. Fierce has become a movement within itself for me and others! “Fierce” was a vision given during the greatest battle of my life. This book had been birthed by fire through my very existence. I wrote this book because I felt my life […]