Let me speak to you by P Westerfield

Let me speak to you I’m intrigued by your being You should be too Let me speak to the innermost parts of you You that YOU have not yet discovered The beauty and power that abides on the inside Inside of your heart, inside of your mind Allow me to purify Let me speak to […]

Oh Death, Where Is Thy Sting?

Deborah Allen ~ Fiercely Living Blog By Dr. Michelle Morrison, Apostle, Revivalist, Phd., Attorney, Author, Entrepreneur In 2014 I was invited to India to hold some gospel revival crusades.  The problem was, the pastor who invited me failed to mention that in the deep south where I went, conversion to Christianity is against the law […]


“The hard way builds solidly a foundation of confidence that cannot be swept away” — Colonel Sanders Deep in thought – I remember many times traveling back and forth from Chicago to St Louis, every summer to visit my grandmother. Oh’ how I loved me some “Grandma.” Although stern, she had a heart of gold. She […]

Game Over

By: Prophetess Natisha E. Wilson I don’t care how many times you played the game.  One thing is for certain and two is for sure; you can’t play hide and seek with God and win.  No matter how hard you try, it can’t be done.  I learned this the hard way. God makes all the […]

Quitting is NEVER an option!

By: Trenesha BoydMA, CADC, CEO, Counselor, Mentor, Advocate  I refuse to give up in life because I believe that my next move, might be my best move.  I have experienced some of life’s greatest challenges that might have broke the next person but as for me; I refused to give up.   I suffered great consequences yet […]

Handling Love and Quarantine

Love looks different in quarantine! By: Deborah Allen Fierce Destiny Newsletter is designed for people with an entrepreneurial mindset. Our monthly newsletter will deal with a variety of topics that will interest business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, and people in ministry. This first one will explore the subject that people are always interested in, relationships. Surprisingly, […]

Seize your destiny!

We have to seize every opportunity and boldly choose to exist and matter in this dispensation of grace. Let’s courageously live and embrace every moment of our precious existence. Life is an amazing gift that should be cherished, lived and appreciated. We must fiercely live and walk in our divine authority. Our lives have been […]

Strength To Move Forward

Amazingly, our world is forever in motion and evolving. As leaders, entrepreneurs and dreamers we must be in constant movement as well. We must have renewed strength and  a mind to change with everything else around us. Strength to change also causes us to have the ability to change the world we inhabit. Strength helps […]

Pursuit of Destiny Revealed

Hurry, hurry, hurry and understand that you are destined. Not only are you destined but God is revealing unto you purpose. The mighty hand of God is upon you and your life! Destiny is the plan that God has for each of our lives. It’s so amazing and comforting to know that God has a […]

Your Destiny

Your destiny is very fundamental and essential to who you are. It difines what you do and where you are going in your life. Let’s get clarification of what it is to pursue. Pursuit  is the action of following or going after someone or something.  When you are in pursuit you have to be in […]